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Missionary Dick McLennan visits us over the weekend of 16-17 June

Laliso was a missionary sent by his church in Ethiopia to an unreached group far to the south. Waylaid for hours by police, he was forced to complete his journey on foot in the dark. Suddenly the trail gave way and he fell down a steep bank into a rushing river. Unable to climb back out, he splashed his way upstream until at last he heard voices and called out.

Warriors of Ethiopia book cover

Several men came with a torch and guided him to dry land. Then one exclaimed, “He is a fair one [lighter-skinned] and he came to us out of the water.” Another asked, “But has he brought the gold leaves?” The people gathered around expectantly. Recognizing his opportunity, Laliso unwrapped his Bible. The people saw the gold edges of the pages and they gasped, clasped their hands, and cried out, “It is true! The gold leaves have come!” The local spirit medium fell to his knees and reached out a hand to touch the Bible. “Yes, it is true. The truth has come at last. Now we can find the way to life.”

Come, listen to Dick as he tells how God is using the Word of Christ to transform lives.

Saturday 16th June: Men’s Breakfast,  7.00am (Church Hall)

Sunday 17th June: 9.15am during Adult Sunday School (Hall Lounge), and during morning worship 10.30am.

Sunday 17th June:  Dick will also speak at 6.30pm at a public meeting (invite all your friends!) in the lounge.

Pray for Dick that God will use him to inspire us to greater work and service in His Name.

Let’s expect great things from God!

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