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Harvest Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful day!  God has blessed us over the last season with a wonderful season.

Some of the articles that represent the harvest

Today, Wee Waa Presbyterian congregation got together to praise and thank God for his wonderful provision.

Another view of the produce

Chris and Deb Bowers, visiting missionaries with their new-born girl Katieongregation said “Thank you, Lord!”

Our worship was filled with prayers of thanksgiving, joyful singing (congregational, choir, and solo), Scripture Readings and the preaching of the Word.  The theme of the sermon was a culmination on the series “Be careful how you listen.

The children acted out the theme of “HARVEST”:  it spells “vast”, “eat”, “heat”, “rest”, “starve”, and other words reminding of the goodness of God, but the need to think of others who are not as privileged as us.

The ladies did a splendid job of the display

Christ put his church on a lamp stand to shine the glory of Christ.  We have to shine in his Name, scatter the seed and broadcast the message across the world.  If we fall into disobedience, our lamp stand might be taken away.  There is a time of harvest in the Kingdom of God:  what God is looking for is a harvest when Jesus is coming again.

How fruitful is our lives in the Kingdom of God?

Don’t loose your lamp!

We then spend a wonderful fellowship meal and had lots of laughter when we gathered in the hall.  The last ones to leave shut the gate at 2.30!

We’re sure to repeat something similar next year.

Rick with visiting relatives

A special collection was taken for the TEAR fund.  We pray God bless those who really struggle with daily needs as a result of his blessing towards us.

Proud grand-father Fragar

The Horne family

The good stuff

Pete and Rikki Henderson

To Him be the glory!

The young ones enjoying the meal

The Mays

Nita and Hadley

Another little princess

A princess with mud on her hands

Russel, Kate and Jordan

Diana and Brad Morrison

Grand-mother Fragar

Three little princesses

The King family

Tim and Jo Weaver

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