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2 thoughts on “Genius – the movie: Who was John Lennon?

  1. Hi Rudi

    I like a lot of what Ray Comfort says in the video but he actually preaches a distortion of the gospel called Lordship Salvation. You get hints of it through the video if you listen carefully. Lordship Salvation says that trusting in Christ alone is not sufficient but that your life must be righteous thereafter (ie salvation essentially deteriorates into a reward). That’s a simple explanation of it. We know that our lives are on the road of change (sanctification) after trusting in Christ (fully justified, fully sanctified) but we never have perfect lives this side of heaven. Just Google the web to see what he believes on that front.

    Great to see you up and running at Wee Waa. I miss your fellowship at the meetings.


    • Thanks, Mate! We always need to be on the alert. I just admire the persistance in “street evangelism” – something with which I must admit, I would fare very poorly.
      Will have a look at the web. Just actially preparing a series of talks for a family camp on the topics of justification, adoption, sanctification and

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