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A letter out of Africa to POTUS

(POTUS = President Of The United States)

“Dear President Obama,

Obianuju Ekeocha

Obianuju Ekeocha

I ask you sir, with all due respect to your highly esteemed office, what if our African values and religious beliefs teach us to elevate the highest good of the family above sexual gratification? What if African society has been naturally wired to value the awesome wonder of natural conception and birth of children within the loving embrace of marriage? What if the greatest consolation of the African child is the experience of being raised by both mummy and daddy?

No child (in any part of the world) deserves to be raised in a motherless or fatherless home because it is almost always a vicious vortex of emotional trauma and turmoil. Africans know and understand this and as such will stand in defiance of your new design of marriage and family. For us to comply with the draconian demands of this, your “modern” design, will entail completely demolishing our own society that is already afflicted with so many problems.

In some parts of Africa, we are still trying to out-law odious practices like female genital mutilation, so please don’t try to persuade us to introduce yet another type of mutilation into our society. In many parts of Africa we are still trying to recover from the deep wounds inflicted by the aberration of marriage which is polygamous marriage, please don’t tell us to take on yet another aberration of marriage which is same-sex marriage. In some other parts of Africa we are still mourning and counting the graves of young people lost to AIDS –a deadly disease rooted in wide-spread sexual perversion and depravity, so please do not encourage our leaders to enact laws that will raise altars to even more sexual depravity.

Africa wants to walk the path of authentic growth, development and stability. And this path is not paved in morally objectionable sexual “rights,” but rather in authentic rights that promote human flourishing and common good. So on this note, Africans ask for the friendship of all people of good will, including the POTUS and other great leaders in the Western world, provided they do not try to strip our Africa of her dignity which is rooted in stable family structure, provided they do not ask us to demolish our value system in the face of their new design and provided they do not ask us to sacrifice the stability of our society at the altar of selfish sexual gratification.

This is the only way that Africa and Africans will fit into the new redesigned and redefined world.”

Letter written by Obianuju Ekeocha, born in Nigeria, now living and working in the United Kingdom as the founder of Culture of Life Africa (www.cultureoflifeafrica.com)

4 thoughts on “A letter out of Africa to POTUS

  1. “but rather in authentic rights that promote human flourishing and common good.”

    Nice to know you don’t consider the happiness and well-being of homosexuals to be part of the common good.

    • My friend, I think you are a bit unfair here. I you care to look at other articles on this site about the issue, you will understand that I indeed care very much. Fact is, Christ did not come into this world to ratify the sinful we are born into, but to save us from it.
      I am not gay, but I must admit, with sorrow, my sinful heart allowed me to sin – even by looking at women lustfully. For this, I cling to the righteousness of Christ, and constantly ask Him to keep me from giving expression to my sinful desires.
      I pray that you will find the same prayer in your heart.

      • “even by looking at women lustfully.”

        The fact that you compare your lustful looks to deep heartfelt love between two people indicates to me that you may never understand.

      • You are being unfair here. I am a married man, loving my wife deeply, and who honour my marriage in the Lord. I was plainly referring to the Words of Jesus, “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (Matthew 5:28, NIV)
        Why I referred to this verse is to state the Biblical principle that any form of sexual perversion, whether from straight of gay people, is sin in the eyes of God. The Bible is very clear about it. The Bible is also very clear about freedom from sin because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
        Do I understand? Probably not fully; but in my pastoral experience I had to walk the path with gay people, and have surely gained some understanding.
        It does not take away the fact that I have to stand by the Word of God on this issue. If I do otherwise, my support might cause people to find temporary relief from really heart-felt pain, but would have no eternal value.
        I can only think that your situation is not easy, but I hold out the Gospel of Christ who came into the world to save sinners – of which I am one. I am saved by grace, not by my own goodness or merit. He set me free and made his child. His Spirit gives strength every day as He leads me to greater obedience.
        I did pray for you last night. I did ask for God’s grace to be your strength.
        I invite to you contact me by email (“Contact”- page) if you would to share confidentially – this public page is not the place for it.
        I posted an article in the “Marriage” section of a lady who used to be a lesbian, but has found freedom and grace, is now happily married and gives hope to others from her experience. There is also an article about a fellow who confesses to be homosexual, but has found great meaning in a marriage relationship with the woman he loves.
        All the best.

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