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Coal Seam Gas

We are stewards of His creation under God

I believe God created the universe by Christ and for Him – all things hold together in Him (Colossians 1:15-17).  I therefore believe we should multiply, fill the earth and subdue it as stewards responsible before our Creator (Genesis 1:26-28).

This implies that I am not a greenie who worship creation over the Creator (Romans 1:25).  I am not a tree hugger.  I am not an environmentalist by the present day definition.

Yet, I was always uneasy about Coal Seam Gas drilling, more so in areas with rich, food producing soils.  The sheer scale by which big companies drill wells worry me. It is estimated that 40,000 wells will be drilled in Australia. (http://www.abc.net.au/news/specials/coal-seam-gas-by-the-numbers/)

The opportunity came up last night to attend an information night.  There were people with first hand knowledge and experience where drilling actually happened.

My fears were confirmed.  If only 20% of what I heard were true, we all need to dig in and resist coal seam gas drilling.

I’m writing this not because it is about the environment.  I’m writing because I believe God will hold us responsible if we remain silent while others destroy the good earth and the waterways which sustains our very livelihood.

A few things:

  • In spite of assurances that safe drilling methods will protect the waterways and subsurface water, 6%-7% of all wells turn out to be unsuccessful.  Not much? That could be 50-80 failed wells in our region, or more than 800 in Australia – most of them right on top of the Great Artesian Basin!
  • 400 new wells need to be drilled every year to justify the cost of infrastructure.
  • Farmers have to apply for every water well they need for the purposes of watering stock, domestic use and irrigation.  Santos have agree hand and can drill as many as they like – and they don’t even need the water!
  • Farmers are prohibited to clear land and remove trees.  Mining companies apparently have not restrictions.
  • Mining companies undisclosed use chemicals in their processes.  Why?
  • Farmers who “lease” the drilling pad, pressure pump and land for pipelines to mining companies.  All possible contamination happens on his property, for which he will be liable , even after the lease expired.
  • It is enough for several properties to be contaminated if only one farmer signs up.
  • The main speaker last nigh, an American, informed that the valuation of some farms dropped to 0% after only a few years after drilling started.

I strongly urge everyone who reads this, to get the facts – it is important.  Then spread the word.

If you research websites of the oil companies, or read their published brochures, look out for words and phrases like “usually”, “under normal circumstances”, “normally”,”not supposed to”, “mining practises”, “take care”, etc.  Take these words out of the sentence and read it again!  They are masters in “spin”.

(also check this out: http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2013/03/12/factbox-csg-australia)

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