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Annual Report

Reports to the Annual General Meeting on 16 March 2014


Minister’s Statement

Dear fellow workers in Christ,

But you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly, to the church of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, the Judge of all, to the spirits of the righteous made perfect, to Jesus the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel. (Hebrews 12:22–24, NIV)

The writer of Hebrews, right through his letter, writes about being church of Christ, using the Old Covenant people of the Lord as a template.  By doing so, he in no way implies that those who lived under the Old Covenant were less church of the Lord; but what is very clear is that their worship, although commanded by God, was not perfect; it was incomplete, because the priesthood and the sacrificial system was temporary, constantly calling for more sacrifices and more priests.  The Law was onto fulfilled, because the promised perfect High Priest had not come.

What was unchangeable over time was the holiness, justice, grace and mercy of God.

The verse above from chapter 12 therefore does not imply that God is less holy now that Jesus Christ has become our High Priest.  The city of God is not less holy, and coming into the presence of God is not less fearful.  The difference is the blood and sacrifice of Christ.  In this sense the worship of the Old Testament people and the worship of the New Testament people culminate in the Person of Jesus Christ.

Those who are saved know that their names are written in heaven. In Christ they rejoice with the host of angles and bring glory to God who showed mercy in Jesus Christ.

May God help us to never downgrade the calling of his church to glorify and magnify his holiness, just because, in Christ, there is no reason to fear his wrath upon sin.  May we still, in whatever we do as his church, remember: God is holy, and He demands of us to be holy.

Our congregation in Wee Waa

With the departure of a number of stalwarts to other congregations, things have changed for us. Almost in one go Mike and Wendy Weeks, Tom and Jenny Brown, and Stephen and Jen Downes and their boys left us to retire elsewhere, or to take up new employment.  This was followed by Martin and Marion Powel who retired to Brisbane.

Not long after that we suffered the loss of Kathy Rowe – now being with her Lord whom she served and loved for many years.  A few months later David moved on and is now living in Melbourne.

Towards the end of the year Tim and Shanna Whan announced that they were moving to Narrabri.

Losing any member in any congregation is difficult; losing so many people we have loved and appreciated vey much is almost devastating.  We look up to God for guidance; and we pray that those who left us are just as fruitful in the Lord where they are serving now.

With less bodies on the ground, it means just one thing:  to the glory of God, and to the praise of our Lord Jesus, we will have to love and support one another with greater fervour and dedication.

Sermon series

I trust that you found encouragement in the series of sermons from John last year.  Let’s remember:

  • Christ is life
  • Christ is light
  • Christ is the Good Shepherd
  • Christ humbled Himself to wash our feet, and demanded us to do the same
  • Christ was never surprised by his mission to die for the sin of sinners
  • Christ promised to go ahead and prepare room for those He would die for
  • Christ promised and sent the Holy Spirit to lead us and be our Comforter
  • Christ commissioned us to bear fruit
  • Christ commissioned us to pray
  • Christ gave his joy to be with us
  • Christ sent us away to take the full wrath of God upon Him so we can go free
  • Christ intercedes for his church

I thank Tim Downes, Tim Fragar, Peter Henderson and others who were willing to fill the pulpit when I could not do so.  I also thank those who did the Scripture reading, prayers and other things during the worship services.


It is still the desire of Session to have more elders to help with the workload and responsibility.  Men please pray and ask if God is not calling you to be an elder to his people..

Prayer and Bible study

If all of us would attend every worship service every Sunday of the year, and the sermon part of the service is 30 minutes, we would be under the teaching of God’s word for 26 hours – per year! Compare that to the number of hours we lend our ears to the teaching of this world through mass media.

I thank God for active Bible study groups in our congregation.  Combined with the Adult Sunday School there are ample opportunity to learn more from God’s Word to be equipped for service.  Find our more about the different groups and get involved.

Let’s come together in corporate prayer, too.  The half an hour pryer before service each Sunday is encouraging, but it be attended better.  More fervent prayer will impact on our worship services too.

The Manse

The Manse is still open to visits!  Thanks to those who encourage us with visits and prayers.


May the Lord be good to us as we seek to bring glory to his Name.  We are praying for you, and we ask to do the same for us.

Your family in the Lord,

Rudi and Heila.

Session Statement 

Another year has flown by. It has been our second with Rudi and Heila. They have been a great encouragement on our walk.

Rudi has been taking the church through some interesting series of topical sermons, which have given us a better understanding of Gods love for us. We need to keep Rudi in our pray’s as seeks to open God’s word for us.

We also need to pray for each other as we seek to be a light for our community.

Session would also like to acknowledge and thank others for making our Sunday worship possible.

  • the music team, who come in week after week.
  • the overheads, which enable us not be informed but sing with one voice.
  • the bulletins, with information we can take home.
  • the COM. for the general running of our church.
  • the youth team, that teach our younger members of God’s love for all of us.
  • the door welcomers, coffee, and flowers, that add to church.
  • the mission committee, which help us see God’s work in the world.
  • the Bible study leaders, to help us in our growth.
  • the women’s ministry team for their support and encouragement.

In Christ,

Elder Tim Downes

Session Clerk

Galatians 5:25 – Live by the spirit, and walk by the spirit.

Report from the Committee of Management to the Annual General Meeting held on 16th March, 2014

The Committee of Management is grateful for the kind assistance of church members in repairs and general maintenance of the church property.  Many people help week by week keeping the gardens and buildings in good order.  Thank you to those who water, mow, tidy, and empty bins etc.  Thank you to those who teach, and those who lead us in music, praise and worship.

We have had a busy year and much has been achieved including the following:

Kitchen:  Following consultation with church ladies, a new kitchen was completed with new flooring. Thank you to the donor of the new Euromaid stove.

Church:  An audio desk was constructed & the sound system upgraded.  Thank you to those involved.  Small chairs and table are in the entry for the children.  An engineer has been assisting us following the movement of the church and subsequent necessary repairs.  Floor levels have been taken twelve months apart and we await the engineer’s advice and report. Damage to the eaves is to be repaired and the insurers are allowing us to complete all works at the same time.  The committee is investigating the best way to proceed with pier repair, allowing access to the drainpipe.

Plumbing:  An isolation tap has been installed at the Manse a/c and the mains pipe repaired.  External pipes outside the crèche & lounge room are repaired and sections of sewerage lines have been replaced.

External:  The back fence has been repaired and strengthened following storm damage from tree branches.  The front fence has been repaired and trees removed for safety to property and people.

Internal:  The crèche rooms have been painted and a new floor mat installed.  Most Sunday School rooms have been repaired and painted and the floors sanded and polished.  A large carpet section is in the second room.  A roof leak near the toilet vent pipe has been repaired which will now allow the plaster and paint work to be done in the first Sunday School room.  A stronger vacuum cleaner has been purchased which now has a very long hose allowing vacuuming under the pews in the church without damage to the wood.  A new system is in the lounge room for viewing missionary presentations and Adult Sunday School lessons.  The hall floor and entry has been resurfaced and we appreciate careful movement of furniture.

John Gray Ave. house:  Following approval from Presbytery and PCA –NSW, we have established a long-term lease with the residents.

Nurraby Children’s Services are in discussion with the committee and are considering the possible rental of the crèche.

The committee is assisting with the support of the S.R.E. teacher as requested.

Working bees have been well attended and we really appreciate such willing work.  Another will be held soon to clean out cupboards, (allowing the replacement of some furniture) and general maintenance inside and out.

We praise God for guiding us and answering our prayer for wisdom and for providing the means to run the material part of his church.

Heather May

Secretary, Committee of management

Financial Reports (in original printed report)

  • Income and Expense Statement for year ended 31 December 2013 and  
  • Proposed Budget to 31 December 2014
  •  Auditors Report
  • Detailed Balance Sheet as at 31 December 2013

Mission Committee Report for the period

1 January to 31 December 2013

The Mission Committee has concentrated on promoting and hosting various missionary organisations/speakers throughout the year.  As well as these visits we have endeavoured to bring missions before the congregation through regular prayer points in our weekly bulletin, publication of the Mission Mouthpiece and through the Missions Notice Board.

Missions Supported by our Church

We continued financial support this year for Russell and Ruth Briggs of Pioneers, Michael and Ulrike Safari at St John’s Anglican Parramatta, Matt and Louise George of ECM (European Christian Mission) and Debbie and Chris Bowers with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Our quarterly support for 2013 for each missionary was $1250 (annually $5000). We also continued to financially support ‘Life Quip’ ($500), an annual mission at AgQuip. In 2014 we will support the Special Religious Education (SRE) position occupied by Kate Battistuzzi ($1000 annually).

Laptops for Masters Students

The year commenced with the request from Andy and Rosemary Williamson for donations to help supply two laptops for Masters students at Talua Bible College. The students were Tom Lionel and Pastor Christopher Kouha. A total of $1800 was raised to provide the students with a new laptop and software to undertake their studies. The two men wrote to the committee thanking the congregation for their financial support.


Deb and Katie Bowers Visit 22nd September 2013

Deb and Katie arrived in Wee Waa in September and met with members of the congregation during their visit. Deb was interviewed at church on the 22nd September and informed the congregation of the work they are doing in Spokane. Chris was continuing to teach young pilots how to navigate and fly the new Kodiaks.

Russell and Ruth Brigg 26th to 28th November 2013

Russell and Ruth visited in November and were able to make several personal visits during their visit to members of the congregation. It was good to catch up with them and hear about what God had been doing in theirs and the students they meet with each serving with Pioneers in Melbourne.

Prayer for our Missionaries

We continue to encourage each Bible study group to pray for their specific missionary. We encourage each group to continue to contact them and keep them in prayer. As Bible study groups have changed for 2013 please speak to Tim Weaver if you are unclear which missionary your Bible study group is contacting and praying for. This is a great avenue for our church to communicate and encourage our missionaries in the work they do for our Saviour.

Meal for Mission

Meal for Mission was held in November, with the monies raised going to support the Presbyterian Inland Mission.  A total of $911.00 was raised to assist the Presbyterian Inland Mission to cover their costs with reaching people in remote communities of rural Australia.

Easter Tracts

Easter tracts were purchased from the Bible Society for distribution to the Wee Waa post boxes, out of town mail runs and residential boxes.  Easter service times were printed on the back of the leaflet.

Local and Foreign Theological Student Support for 2013 and new SRE support in 2014

This year our support for theological students went to two students from Presbyterian Theological College. The local student was Daniel Woods whom is studying to be a Presbyterian minister in Narrabri. The Foreign Theological student was Rira Cho from South Korea. They were both very grateful for the financial assistance.

 Outreach Posters

As part of mission to the community the mission committee updated the outreach posters at the front of the church. The mission notice board continues to be the main focus for pinning up newsletters and APWM information for the congregation to read. We encourage members of the congregation to check it regularly.

Prayer and Thankyou

The mission committee would like to thank the congregation for their support of the mission work during 2013.  Please continue to pray for our missionaries as they continue to serve God. We also encourage people to pray for new members for the committee.

Committee Members

This year – Hadley and Nita Alf, Peter Martin, Mike Weekes (Treasurer) and Tim (Secretary) and Jo Weaver. Mike Weeks retired from the committee after 25 years service. We are grateful for his service to the committee as the treasurer. Peter Henderson joined the committee in 2013 and will commence as the Treasurer for the Committee.

Tim Weaver


Mission Account

2013 Reconciliation (in original printed report)

Women’s Ministry Report for 2013

In May, a small group went to the Anglican Women’s Conference in Gunnedah with Christine Jensen and Rick Lewers speaking.

Again this year, there were two ladies’ Bible Study groups meeting weekly.

Our committee planned and helped organise two church family games nights throughout the year, which Rudi and Heila ran and the nights were a great time of fellowship and fun.

WKC was not held in 2013, but instead they published a DVD with talks by Jenny Salt which we plan to watch at a teaching morning.

The Ladies Craft Group continued to meet on the 1st Saturday of each month in the church lounge.

In September, we held a ladies teaching morning at Namoi Valley Christian School, to watch Equip Conference talks on DVD. We invited the ladies from the Anglican Church to join us and it was a great time of fellowship and learning.

Each meeting we discussed pastoral needs and this often involved cooking meals for those who were sick or in need.

Finally, for our outreach event we held our bi-annual Christmas Carols Evening at Tim & Sue Fragar’s home, for carols, a gospel talk and dessert. We had a good number of ladies attend, and will continue at this stage to have that every second year.

We met in February for our planning meeting for this year and if everyone could be in prayer for our planned events for 2014, thank you.

Ladies please join us for our meetings, we welcome your ideas, feedback and support and prayer.

In Christ,

Kate Morrison


Care Account Report 2013 (In Original Printed Report)

The Care Account was formed as an arm of the Women’s Ministry to help individuals and families in need.  The Account is administered by the Women’s Ministry.

I have examined the accounts of the Wee Waa Presbyterian Church Care Account Number 012-865 2448 50358 for the year ending December 2013.

The figures are a true and accurate reflection of the financial transactions of the organisation.

Signed:  Mrs Liz Paulston

1 March 2014

Thursday Ladies’ Bible Study Group (only printed report received this year)

We meet at 3 p.m. on Thursdays at 543 Gardens Road and welcome ladies to join us. We study Know Your Bible Studies which is prepared by C.W.C.I., a non-denominational Christian Women’s group.  Since Wendy Weekes left, Heila and I have been leading the group.  Last year we studied: Psalms, Philippians, 2 Samuel and a topical study using many books called The Problem with Pain.  This term we are studying Hebrews and next term will be Judges.  Studies usually alternate between old and new testaments. We start (and usually also finish) with afternoon tea and enjoy good deep discussion and fellowship with one another.  We share prayer concerns and generally support one another understanding the confidential nature of the group.

Heather May  and     Heila Schwartz

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